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The alabama voting rights project

a project of the campaign legal center and southern poverty law center

The purpose of the Alabama Voting Rights Project is to re-enfranchise thousands of Alabamians who are eligible to register to vote or who are eligible to have their rights to vote restored by obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility to Register to Vote (CERV).

This will be carried out through a broad, robust, and sustained education, outreach, and advocacy campaign designed to:

  • Find those in the community who can immediately register without any impediments and get them registered
  • Find those who are eligible for a CERV and help them obtain one

The Alabama Voting Rights Project is a coordinated project of the Campaign Legal Center and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Through this project we conduct outreach and provide assistance to Alabamians who have been convicted of certain felonies and are currently not registered to vote. A felony conviction does not necessarily disenfranchise you for life. Some Alabamians who have former convictions already have the right to vote — they just haven't been told.

Others may be eligible to have their right to vote restored by obtaining a CERV. The Alabama Voting Rights Projects conducts outreach across the state, identifies individuals affected by recent changes in voting laws and determines whether their voting rights were lost, how to restore them, and where to register to vote.

Our goal is not simply to provide information to Alabamians, but to equip community leaders across the state with the knowledge and resources to organize and magnify the voices of the previously disenfranchised. And, of course, to get more Alabamians registered to vote!

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North and northeast alabama

John Paul Taylor
Call: 334-235-6789

Central alabama and the black belt

Sean Champagne
Call: 334-235-7479

southern alabama

Ellen Boettcher
Call: 334-235-4029